Patient engagement

Patient engagement

We take a holistic approach to patient engagement, prioritising meaningful connections. This approach isn’t just about gathering insights. It’s about fostering partnerships with patient and community groups with the goal to bridge the gap between sponsors, healthcare professionals, patients, and communities.


62% of patients value good communication and continuous engagement with their provider above all else


$100k investment in patient engagement in the design of a trial could produce an ENPV 500 times that figure


  • We engage with communities to get their perspectives on the current treatment processes of specific conditions, and clinical research more widely
  • We support the design of clinical research to ensure that questions are relevant, and address the needs and preferences of the target population
  • We conduct the implementation of clinical research, including providing input on informed consent processes, participating in study procedures, and providing feedback on the study experience
  • We share the impact of the research, including considering the implications of the research results on people’s health and the wider community

How we do it

Long-term patient councils

Advisory boards

Ethnography studies

Focus groups


Co-creation workshops

What the service can do for you
  1. Improve your drug development by engaging with patients to understand their needs, preferences, and experiences
  2. Accelerate your patient recruitment by understanding patient perspectives that guide you to design clinical trials that are more patient-centric, leading to higher enrolment rates, better retention, and more accurate results
  3. Greater success with regulatory bodies globally as they increasingly emphasise the importance of patient input in drug development and approval processes

Dive into the world of patient engagement with us and discover how it can revolutionise patient experiences and outcomes

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