By combining health engagement and creative intelligence, COUCH Health elevates the voice of the community to make health more human and equitable


We fight the good fight

It’s personal to us. It’s not only what we do. But who we are.

It’s our lived experiences. Where our heart is.

Staying true to ourselves and doing what feels right, 24/7.

That’s why we have built a company around the challenges facing the industry, healthcare and public health.
Or simply put, people.

Take a seat and let us explain what we do

Health engagement

We partner with all stakeholders, whether that be people living with a condition, the local community or patient groups, caregivers or HCPs across all parts of the medicine-making lifecycle.

Health communications

We create impactful, culturally relevant, audience-specific communication programmes that support effective health engagement, provide clarity, and reflect diversity.

Health equity

To truly make a change to the lack of diversity in health research, now is the time to educate teams, introduce reflective practice and build healthcare services free of implicit bias.

Wondering when to talk to us?

Well… we solve challenges in the following areas

Research and Discovery

  • + Researching disease unmet needs

Non-clinical development

  • + Patient research and insights
  • + Stakeholder interviews
  • + Advisory boards

Clinical development
(Phase I-IV)

  • + Researching disease unmet needs
  • + PAG and community group landscape analysis
  • + Stakeholder interviews
  • + Patient recruitment and retention
  • + Local patient group engagement
  • + Local community engagement

Lifecycle management

  • + Internal communications
  • + Creative strategy and production
  • + Disease awareness campaigns
  • + Promotional and medical content
  • + Digital development
  • + Social community development

We never assume, we always diagnose first.
Talk to us on the COUCH

We talk with people, to understand people. We look beyond the disease, we talk to family, carers, friends and the local community. We don’t pretend we have the answer to all of your problems, but we are experts in what we do; So, we can solve them.

Why we fight the good fight…

…we have experienced the need for radical change.

The thought that our founder’s dad might still be here today if his doctor was sufficiently educated on the signs to look for – if he understood his own symptoms – if his healthcare team was aware of potential life-saving clinical trials, keeps us going strong.

It ensures we keep demanding diversity and inclusion and equity for all.

This is our mission. To improve everyone’s lives

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COUCH Health is a creative health engagement agency that has purpose at its heart.

Our purpose is to create lasting change. To achieve this, our team has one main mission: to make health human.

That means we’re challenging the norm to make health experiences more inclusive, equitable, accessible and empathetic.

Are you ready to start your next project or find your next role?

Let’s talk.

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