In this blog, we discuss the meaning of gratitude, while asking, in healthcare —what does it mean to say thank you to your clinical trial participants?
Achieve Clinical Trial Diversity by Eliminating Bias and Introducing Cultural Safety
If you’ve had a look through our website, or know about our Demand Diversity campaign, you’ll be familiar with our mission to improve diversity within clinical trials. While this remains a complex issue that requires a range of approaches to achieve real, long-term change, there is so much you can be doing already. It’s time to take a step back and consider one of the roots of this issue: bias.
3 tips to consider when highlighting patient diversity for your clinical trial awareness materials
So you’ve committed to making sure that your patient recruitment is as diverse as possible, but you just don’t seem to be reaching diverse groups. You feel like you’re taking all the right steps, so what’s going wrong? It may be something as seemingly simple as your choice of stock photos and videos.