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The Power of Patient Engagement in MedTech

It’s true: There’s evidence the patient voice is key to success in the MedTech industry

Patient engagement is becoming increasingly important in the design and development of medical devices. And while medical technology (MedTech) companies are leading the way with innovation in many ways, there is a still a way for them to go in terms of embedding patient insights into their processes.  At COUCH Health, we embarked on a research project to uncover evidence that patient engagement is key to success, by drawing on the insights and data gained from recent literature and the experiences of companies and researchers within the MedTech sector. Our report, ‘The Power of Patient Engagement in MedTech’, explores the barriers that the MedTech sector is facing when it comes to patient engagement, and provides guidance on how to overcome them, based on real-life examples.

We’d just like to say a special thank you to Patricia Grocott, Tanya Graham, and Kim Terry from King’s College London, David Feldman from the National Kidney Foundation, and Tristan Collins from gaitQ for their collaboration on this research project.

A world of opportunities for MedTech

Patients are experts by their lived experience, and this expertise is vital for ensuring medical technologies are high quality, fit for purpose, and meet user needs. So, the question is, why would MedTech companies not engage with patients throughout their processes?

We know that MedTech companies face many challenges with patient engagement, with the lack of clear direction in policies and regulations being only one example. The truth is, embedding patient engagement into your processes isn’t an easy task, but it’s a challenge that can no longer be avoided.

By learning from others who have successfully embedded patient engagement into their processes, and by taking the first step of our best practice recommendations outlined in the report, patient engagement in MedTech can be done. And it opens up a world of opportunities.

Key report learnings

Patient engagement in MedTech is necessary and a logical investment. It would be remiss of the organisations developing medical devices, that are going to be used by patients, to not involve those very patients in the design and development process.

The benefits of patient engagement are two-fold. Engaging with patients throughout the device development processes brings benefits to both patients and the industry in many ways.

There are barriers, but they can be overcome. We know from experience that embedding patient engagement isn’t easy. However, real-world examples demonstrate they can be overcome, and patient engagement can have a positive — even life-changing — impact.

There is no better time to start than now. More people are getting on board, and regulators are starting to catch up. Patient engagement is something that the MedTech sector can’t afford to avoid.

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