Health research equity

Health research equity

Imagine a world where every voice is included in health studies, no matter who you are. That’s health research equity. It’s about championing diversity, tackling health gaps, and ensuring everyone has their voice heard in the development of better health solutions.


Although African Americans represent 13% of the US population, they made up only 5% of clinical trial participants in 2018

20 years

People living in the least deprived areas can expect to live almost two decades longer in good health than those in the most deprived areas


  • We design public health campaigns and interventions that consider the cultural, social, and economic contexts of different communities. Without understanding context, you limit effectiveness
  • We conduct health surveys and epidemiological studies, ensuring there’s diverse representation in data on health behaviours, outcomes, and risks to get a comprehensive, unbiased view of public health 
  • When developing dietary, exercise, or other health-related guidelines, we consider the needs and contexts of different populations, to ensure that recommendations are relevant and achievable for all 
  • As advances are made in digital health technology, we partner with users, to ensure that these technologies are accessible and effective for diverse populations, ensuring that they aren’t alienating by design

How we do it

Focus groups


Interpretation and analysis of data


Advisory boards

Ethnography studies

Report writing

Creative research methods

What the service can do for you
  1. Improve your product development by engaging with patients to understand their needs, preferences, and experiences
  2. Accelerate your patient recruitment by understanding patient perspectives that guide you to design clinical trials that are more patient-centric, leading to higher enrolment rates, better retention, and more accurate results
  3. Greater success with regulatory bodies globally as they increasingly emphasise the importance of patient input in drug development and approval processes

Health equity is more than just a buzzword — it’s a commitment to ensuring everyone has a fair chance at leading a healthy life

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