Diversity and inclusion consulting

Diversity and inclusion consulting

Our diversity and inclusion experts can equip you with the necessary tools to promote equitable health practices. With our help you can deepen your understanding of cultural safety, and provide your internal teams and external stakeholders with disease-specific diversity and inclusion insights to inform clinical trial planning, design, and operations.


Since 2003 and the publication of Unequal Treatment, the industry has been aware of implicit bias in the US healthcare system

20 / 25

20 out of 25 studies found that some form of bias was evident either in the diagnosis, treatment, assessment, number of tests ordered, or other responses


  • We use evidence-based approaches to creating inclusive content for diverse audiences
  • We create comprehensive materials to provide you with the learnings that you need
  • We create a judgement free space, with learning-focused aims

How we do it

Focus groups

Training programmes

Diversity action plan development

Advisory boards

Community partnerships

Metrics to evaluate your outreach

What the service can do for you
  1. Improve your strategic approaches for engaging minoritized groups to meet diversity and inclusion goals for clinical trials
  2. Improve your study’s visibility and engagement reach
  3. Get a better understanding of key factors limiting diversity in clinical research

Take the next step in your journey to conducting culturally safe clinical research, and reaching a more diverse range of patients

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