Patient recruitment and retention

Patient recruitment and retention

Patient recruitment can sometimes feel like an uphill climb, particularly when trying to reach historically underserved populations. Our continuous establishment of strong partnerships with patient and community groups worldwide, coupled with our unique mix of community, patient, and HCP outreach strategies can connect you with the right patients.


80% of clinical trials fail to meet enrolment deadlines


Up to 50% of sites enrol one or no patients in their studies


  • We conduct tailored outreach strategies that resonate with diverse communities. Addressing their specific needs and concerns, we build strong connections with potential participants
  • We ensure that communication is clear, respectful, and easily understood, fostering a deeper understanding of the research’s importance
  • Partnering with local community organisations and advocates, we establish a strong network that encourages participation and spreads awareness about the research opportunity

How we do it

Community outreach

Patient outreach

Patient and site support materials

HCP outreach

Digital outreach

Nurse-led call-centre for pre-screening

What the service can do for you
  1. Improve the diversity of your participant pool by breaking down barriers
  2. Meet your enrolment targets, with engaging recruitment and retention materials
  3. Engage with HCPs for referrals
  4. We triage all referrals before it’s passed to a site via our nurse-led call centre

Dive into the nuances of attracting and keeping participants who are crucial to ground-breaking medical advances

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