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COUCH Health has extensive experience in the following therapy areas

Engaging with underserved populations to understand vaccines at the height of the pandemic
Co-creating a digital support platform with the early-onset Alzheimer’s community
Global mobile ethnographic research to understand the health experience for those living with endometriosis
How do we build trust in clinical research?
A huge barrier to clinical trials has always been distrust. So what can we be doing to build this trust authentically with patients? Read this blog to find out.
Steps towards breaking down religious and cultural barriers to clinical trial participation
People’s beliefs play a huge role in their approach to clinical trials. Read this blog to learn how you can overcome cultural barriers.
The time is now: A closer look at the DEPICT and DIVERSE Trials Act 
The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023 has opened a world of new opportunities for improving diversity in clinical trials. Find out how in this blog.