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Endometriosis: It’s time to end the stigma

Why we must end the stigma around endometriosis

To mark the beginning of Endometriosis Awareness Month 2023, COUCH Health is proud to announce the launch of its new eBook: ‘Endometriosis: It’s time to end the stigma’. And before we get into the details of the report, we just want to say thank you to the participants who shared their experiences of living with endometriosis, and who helped us to make this eBook happen. The insights that we gained were truly invaluable and we’re confident that by sharing these experiences, we’re a step closer to ending the stigma around the condition.

Turning “ifs” into a reality

Endometriosis UK reports that 1 in 10 people assigned female at birth, of reproductive age, have endometriosis. Yet, despite being a common condition, endometriosis is still largely misunderstood. As a result, people living with endometriosis often experience medical gaslighting and difficulty in getting the right treatment or support — something that nobody should ever have to face.

This needs to change.

If more healthcare professionals were better equipped to recognise the symptoms of the condition, diagnosis and treatments for endometriosis would be more accessible. If more healthcare professionals were aware of who can be affected, the approach to treatment would be more inclusive. If more people had access to educational resources about endometriosis, patients would be able to identify their own symptoms and advocate for better healthcare for themselves and others in their community.
We’re here to turn to these “ifs” into a reality.

Hearing from the experts to truly understand endometriosis

Our Health Engagement team at COUCH Health conducted a mobile ethnography study to gain true insights into the realities of living with endometriosis. The mobile ethnography study gave 11 people living with endometriosis the opportunity to share their experiences, including their diagnosis journey, their day-to-day symptoms, and the support they receive. From this, we were able to gain a deeper understanding of endometriosis and identify crucial areas for improvement within healthcare, which are highlighted within this eBook.

Key takeaways

  • Endometriosis is not:
    • Just a ‘painful period’ or a ‘white woman’s disease’
    • A condition that affects only the pelvic organs
    • Mildly discomforting
    • Well understood by healthcare professionals
  • Moving forward, we must:
    • Improve education about endometriosis among healthcare professionals
    • Implement cultural safety training among healthcare professionals
    • Initiate more support groups for people living with endometriosis

Improving care for people with endometriosis starts with improving awareness. Click the link below to learn more about the real-life experiences of living with endometriosis in our eBook, and together, let’s end the stigma.

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